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Theresa May Video Embed List

    1. Theresa May on the next Tory leader
      Duration: 1:01

    2. ‘Confident’ Gove and ‘energised’ Stewart ahead of Tory leadership vote
      Duration: 1:17

    3. LIVE: Theresa May holds PMQs amid the tense Tory leadership election.

    4. UK Prime Minister Theresa May resigns
      Duration: 2:04

    5. Full speech: British PM Theresa May announces her resignation on June 7th | Street Signs Europe
      Duration: 6:31

    6. Theresa May in tears as she announces resignation
      Duration: 0:34

    7. Full resignation speech: Theresa May steps down as UK Prime Minister | DW News
      Duration: 7:02

    8. Ten Tories in race to succeed British PM Theresa May
      Duration: 4:15

    9. Theresa May dances on to the stage at the Tory party conference
      Duration: 1:15

    10. Theresa May to resign as prime minister - BBC News
      Duration: 6:36

    11. Theresa May's big Brexit speech - watch live
      Duration: 1:21:18

    12. Boris Johnson solidifies lead in race to succeed Theresa May as British PM
      Duration: 0:36

    13. UK prime minister Theresa May resigns
      Duration: 3:12

    14. "We need to hold our nerve."Theresa May's Brexit speech sets out the next steps.
      Duration: 11:11

    15. Live replay | UK Conservative Party announces who has been voted through to replace Theresa May
      Duration: 1:20:18

    16. Theresa May: A profile of Britain's next prime minister
      Duration: 1:57

    17. Who is Theresa May? - BBC Newsnight
      Duration: 6:00

    18. Theresa May's political career | Times Profile
      Duration: 3:04

    19. "You, the public, have had enough." Theresa May's Brexit speech tells MPs to decide
      Duration: 4:20

    20. Theresa May steps down as head of Conservative Party
      Duration: 3:53