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Ciolos Video Embed List

    1. Dacian Ciolos, Romania's EC Candidate, at press point
      Duration: 5:53

    2. Former EU commissioner Ciolos appointed Romanian prime minister
      Duration: 0:58

    3. EU's Ciolos on CAP: 'Higher payments for those in less favorable regions'
      Duration: 1:14

    4. Romania: ex commissario Ue Dacian Ciolos riceve l'incarico di formare il governo
      Duration: 0:58

    5. Tom Vilsack and Dacian Ciolos, the Geographical Indication products in the T-TIP
      Duration: 3:19

    6. FOOD FOR EVERYONE - Dacian Cioloş; interview
      Duration: 2:13

    7. Romanian PM Dacian Ciolos visit Vietnam
      Duration: 2:39

    8. Dacian Ciolos 04 Jul 2019 plenary speech on European Council meeting 20 21 July 2019
      Duration: 7:05

    9. A Date with Dacian Ciolos
      Duration: 1:51

    10. Dacian Ciolos : "Imposer des quotas de migrants dans l’UE n’est pas une solution"
      Duration: 17:04

    11. Schimbarea societății vine prin asumarea individuală | Dacian Ciolos | TEDxEroilor
      Duration: 14:32

    12. Rumäne Ciolos neuer Fraktionschef der EU-Liberalen
      Duration: 0:26

    13. Interview de Dacian Ciolos, Commissaire Européen à l'Agriculture, en Corrèze
      Duration: 6:01

    14. Mr Dacian Ciolos, Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development, European Commission
      Duration: 5:37

    15. How to find your voice in the symphony of life? | Valérie Cioloş-Villemin | TEDxBrașovWomen
      Duration: 13:34

    16. Ciolos hearing: the right job (European Agriculture) for the right man
      Duration: 3:29

    17. Dacian Cioloş: răspunsuri la întrebările jurnaliştilor, după ce a prezentat bilanţul Guvernului
      Duration: 3:34

    18. EU Commissioner for Agriculture Dacian Ciolos: rural development policy cannot exist outside the CAP
      Duration: 10:29

    19. Dacian Ciolos 16 Jul 2019 plenary speech on statement by the candidate for President of the C
      Duration: 4:04

    20. #România9 cu Dacian Cioloş (@TVR1)
      Duration: 43:08