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Carrie Lam Video Embed List

    1. Live: Carrie Lam speaks to the press following protests in HK
      Duration: 6:36

    2. Live | Hong Kong's Carrie Lam gives a news conference after another night of violent clashes.
      Duration: 24:26

    3. Hong Kong’s Lam Faces Torrid Questioning After Political Clash
      Duration: 1:33

    4. Hong Kong's Chief Executive Carrie Lam condemns Sunday's violent clashes
      Duration: 2:28

    5. Hong Kong SAR chief Carrie Lam condemns violent acts against Liaison Office
      Duration: 0:47

    6. What can Carrie Lam do to de-escalate HK protests?
      Duration: 1:30

    7. Hong Kong: Masked men storm station, assault anti-govt. protesters
      Duration: 1:39

    8. Analyst on Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam's apology over extradition bill
      Duration: 3:14

    9. Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam condemns 'extreme use of violence' in July 1 protests
      Duration: 2:27

    10. Protesters Step Up Pressure on Hong Kong Leader Carrie Lam
      Duration: 3:14

    11. Hong Kong's Carrie Lam apologises to protesters
      Duration: 0:31

    12. Carrie Lam: `I Offer My Most Sincere Apology'
      Duration: 1:00

    13. Beijing reiterates 'firm support' for HK chief executive Carrie Lam
      Duration: 6:51

    14. Carrie Lam addresses city following mass protests
      Duration: 1:35

    15. Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam apologises for handling of controversial extradition bill
      Duration: 8:03

    16. Hong Kong extradition bill opponents reject Carrie Lam's assurances
      Duration: 5:21

    17. Hong Kong students stage sit-in protest against Carrie Lam
      Duration: 2:40

    18. Carrie Lam on the Terrex Issue | Conversation With | CNAInsider
      Duration: 1:36

    19. Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam speaks after mass protests: 'The bill is dead'
      Duration: 1:32

    20. China won't allow Carrie Lam to step down despite mass unrest in HK: Sources
      Duration: 2:09